Carrington MacDuffie is a voice actor, recording artist, and writer who has narrated over 250 audiobooks and received numerous AudioFile Earphones awards and 8 Audie finalists. Her original audiobook of poetry and music, Many Things Invisible, was published by Blackstone Audio in 2009, and was nominated for an Audie in two categories. AudioFile Magazine selected her as one of the “Best Voices” of 2014. She has voiced numerous characters and dialects for video games, and performed voiceover for national television ads and documentaries.

Her audiobook/record album Many Things Invisible was honored in 2009 with two Audie finalists. She has since released four albums — I’m The OneKiss Make Better, Rock Me to Mars, Crush on You, and Only an Angel — all received by reviewers in the U.S. and Europe with delight and praise.

Her narration work has influenced her songwriting, and her singing has influenced her narration work, with a particularly mellifluous delivery, and genuine passion balanced with terrific vocal control. She loves her work!


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WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE? by Marilynne Robinson
“Carrington MacDuffie brings her vocal skills and narrative art to this remarkable collection of Robinson’s essays — originally speeches given at various colleges and universities. MacDuffie’s elegant intonation comes through in these challenging and thought-provoking works. Her clear delivery gives shape to the complex arguments and rewards the listener as the Pulitzer-Prize-winning novelist ranges from her contrarian appreciation of Puritan texts to contemporary critiques of deterministic science. She particularly lambastes those who miss the connections between metaphysics and the idea of the soul, thereby detaching beauty from religious faith. Robinson’s brilliance illuminates this audiobook, and she could have no better narrator than MacDuffie.”

PERSONAL HISTORY by Katharine Graham
The release of Steven Spielberg’s movie “The Post” dovetails nicely with the recent unabridged recording of Katharine Graham’s Pulitzer-Prize-winning autobiography, published in 1997. Narrator Carrington MacDuffie gives a fine performance, delivering the book in a civilized, matter-of-fact voice that accords with the spirit in which it was written. Graham gives a candid account of her development from dutiful daughter and wife to the “Iron Lady,” a sobriquet, we see, that owed more to the sexism of the day than to her character.”
— The Seattle Times

MIRROR MIRROR by Kate Wilhelm
“Narrator Carrington MacDuffie sustains the emotional roller coaster ride in this mystery featuring defense attorney Barbara Holloway. MacDuffie is charged with delivering both male and female voices that run the emotional gamut from concern and horror to excitement and joy. She uses Wilhelm’s keen character development to its full advantage to portray the many characters, including an unusual number of suspects. Navigating the choppy waters of murder, greed, and secrets, MacDuffie moves fluidly from one character to the next, subtly changing tonality and inflection. In the courtroom, she never loses momentum as the drama is played out, culminating in Holloway’s strategic closing argument.”

ISOLATED JUDGMENT by Jonathan Watkins
“Narrator Carrington MacDuffie narrates the Bright and Fletcher mysteries for a reason—she can act, she does a great job with accents, and she gives each character just the right voice. Criminal lawyer Darren Fletcher and his romantic and legal partner, Izzy Bright, are hired to find the killer of a retired Supreme Court justice’s nephew, who was found skewered by a large sword on the Justice’s private island. MacDuffie effectively steers listeners through this quirky, romantic mystery packed with enough twists and turns to satisfy the most discerning listener. MacDuffie is especially spot-on portraying Fletcher, a man with flexible ethics, wit to spare, and honor in spades.”

JONI MITCHELL: In Her Own Words by Malka Marom
“At times, the women come off like a chatty coffee klatch, freely dishing and swapping intimacies, a tone that may leave listeners feeling like they’re outside of the conversation. But Carrington MacDuffie, a vocalist in her own right, carries the load well, capturing the pair’s chummy tone as they swap heavily female-centric insights and engage in poetic free flights.”

Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award
“Carrington MacDuffie’s rich voice is a perfect match for Quindlen’s exquisite story about 60-year-old Rebecca Winter, a once famous photographer who moves to a remote country cottage, hoping to find herself. MacDuffie captures Rebecca’s melancholy at leaving her decadent New York City lifestyle behind, her strength as she discovers how being alone can heal, and her dry humor as she accepts the situations and people that come her way… The story is both touching and humorous as complex themes are balanced by a sweet love story. MacDuffie’s natural style and subtle character voices add even more charm to the story, keeping the listener engaged from start to finish.”

Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award
“The implosion of Lance Armstrong’s career was swift and complete, and author Juliet Macur watched it all unfold from the front row. Her marvelous journalism gets a performance-enhancing boost from narrator Carrington MacDuffie, whose straightforward delivery is a perfect fit. Macur, a reporter with the New York Times, not only had access to Armstrong himself during her research but also interviewed countless members of his family and inner circle to create this unflattering portrait of a cyclist who was willing to win at any cost. MacDuffie’s narration captures the author’s frustration with Armstrong’s refusal to take responsibility, but she never sounds judgmental or strident. She sets a brisk pace and effortlessly carries listeners all the way to the finish line.”

“Since the late 1950s, the brash and beautiful Honey West has had a healthy cult following in novels, comics, and television. Now the alluring detective has been adapted to audio, and she’s found the perfect narrator, Carrington MacDuffie. MacDuffie brings all the vocal sass, humor, and smarts needed to break a tough case wide open.”

“Carrington MacDuffie’s portrayal of Honey West draws the listener into Elaine Lee’s fabulous three-act script, conjuring up comic-strip images embellished with Roy Lichtenstein’s Benday Dots in the listener’s mind’s eye.”
 Andy’s Retrospace

“Director, William Dufris, and a sharp cast, featuring Carrington MacDuffie as Honey West, bring Lee’s script to life and capture the spirit of the era and the dark side of Hollywood denizens in decline in a perfect manner.”

BY STONE, BY BLADE, BY FIRE by Kate Wilhelm, Blackstone Audio
“Carrington MacDuffie gives a terrific performance.Her male voices are also distinctive and consistently maintained. MacDuffie’s expressive, assured reading of the dramatic courtroom scenes is spellbinding, and her overall companionable style illuminates the characters and events of this involving mystery.

THE VOICE IS ALL: The Lonely Victory of Jack Kerouac by Joyce Johnson, Tantor Audio
“With Carrington MacDuffie at the mike, this biography soars. Johnson dated Kerouac as a young woman, and MacDuffie captures her love and reverence for the man. Yet she somehow prepares the listener to expect the more difficult moments, not only for Kerouac, but also for Johnson herself in her relationship with him.”

HOLY GHOST GIRL: A Memoir by Donna Johnson, Blackstone Audio
“Carrington MacDuffie is at her finest in Holy Roller preacher mode, praying, shouting, casting out demons, speaking in tongues, and healing the sick in a deep and vibrant voice. MacDuffie perfectly expresses Johnson’s balanced tone of wonder at her unusual upbringing.”

“Carrington MacDuffie was fantastic as narrator. She made the atmosphere of a tent revival come to life. When she narrated Brother Terrell’s sections, I was glued to the story. She brought his charisma through the speakers. The Paris Wife was my first experience with MacDuffie as narrator. While I thought she did a good job with the story, it’s clear to me now that it didn’t do her justice. She thoroughly shined while reading Holy Ghost Girl.”
— Literate Housewife Blog

TITANIUM RAIN by Josh Finney, AudioComics, read by a full cast
Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award and 2013 Audie Finalist for Best Audio Drama and Best Original Work
“This full-cast, impressively produced drama takes you right into the action of a future Third World War and its battle zones in China Scenes switch from dogfights in the sky to battle on the ground to tense dialogue without ever confusing the listener. Put on your earphones and fly.”

ELIZABETH AND HAZEL: Two Women of Little Rock by David Margolick, Tantor Audio
(Elizabeth Eckford and Hazel Massery were the teenagers whose 1957 photo came to symbolize the emotionally charged Civil Rights struggle for school integration.)
“Narrator Carrington MacDuffie demonstrates her award-winning style in a performance that is as clear and straightforward as Margolick’s writing. Using subtle gradations of tone and timing, MacDuffie effects smooth transitions and a comfortable pace as she recounts the complex lives of these women before and since that traumatic morning. Author and narrator maintain a clean, objective style to portray Elizabeth and Hazel as they mature and eventually attempt reconciliation and forgiveness.”

THE PARIS WIFE by Paula McLain, Random House Audio
Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award
“‘I wished I had died before I ever loved anyone but her,’ Ernest Hemingway wrote of his first wife, Hadley Richardson. This remarkable audiobook imaginatively recreates Hemingway’s world as seen through Hadley’s eyes. Narrator Carrington MacDuffie portrays this ardent yet grounded woman well, capturing her departure from ordinary life as she falls headlong in love with ‘Nesto.’ Hemingway pronounces Hadley ‘a good clear sort’ of person, and MacDuffie beautifully expresses her levelheaded nature as lover, mother, and eventually, estranged wife. MacDuffie’s ability to subtly characterize conversations between Hemingway and Hadley through slight shifts in tone and pacing is admirable. She’s equally artful at depicting the many others populating the author’s world, from son Bumby to Southern mistress Pauline. This terrific production will absorb all listeners, not just Hemingway fans.”

“Carrington MacDuffie turns this classic bodice-ripper into a delightful romp through the British Isles, effortlessly shifting between forbidding abbess and randy rogue. Her portrayals of both Highlanders and soldiers sound so convincing that one forgets entirely that a woman is performing them. MacDuffie narrates the salacious bits of the story with enthusiasm and tact.

MANY THINGS INVISIBLE by Carrington MacDuffie, music by Near the Border, Blackstone Audio
2009 Audie Finalist for Best Original Work & Distinguished Achievement in Production
“This production is an intriguing experience in poetry and music that creates an unusual and agreeable collage of word songs. Carrington MacDuffie unselfconsciously performs her own works on observing consciousness. Her silky voice weaves in and out of the acoustic, electronic, and nature sounds provided by Near the Border. The listening experience is peaceful, meditative, and engaging. The high quality of audio mixing highlights the many layers of sound, which range from clicks to bells to tones from the magnetosphere. The 14 poems and their musical illustrations are over all too quickly, but the hour-long experience is only as far away as the repeat button.”

THE RED NECKLACE by Sally Gardner, Listening Library
School Library Journal’s Hot Audio Pick
“A vivid French Revolution setting is created in this novel that combines history with a fantasy element involving the hero’s extra-sensory abilities to read minds and to move objects. Carrington MacDuffie provides a stellar narration. Her French accent is convincing, from the voice of a dwarf to the speech of aristocrats, ruffians, and revolutionaries. She portrays the British speakers with equal skill. The combination of voice and action paints a convincing Revolutionary scene.”
 School Library Journal

BLACK WAVE by Jean and John Silverwood, Blackstone Audio
2009 Audie Finalist
“The jaw-dropping true tale of the Silverwood family and their awe-inspiring survival when faced with the most harrowing of events on the high seas is a truly remarkable account. Carrington MacDuffie and Joe Barrett bring this story to life, capturing the tense journey down to the slightest detail in these realistic readings….both performances are earnest and raw, allowing the listeners to ebb and flow with the story as if they were tucked away on the Silverwoods’ 50-foot catamaran.”
 Publishers Weekly

STAR OF STONE Century Quartet Book II by Pierdomenico Baccalario, Listening Library
“This second book in the Century Quartet reunites four children from four cities — Harvey from New York City, Mistral from Paris, Sheng from Shanghai, and Elettra from Rome ‐ in New York on their quest to find the Star of Stone. Carrington MacDuffie gives the four children distinctive, youthful voices with subtle accents that reflect their native lands. Her timing is perfect for conveying tension and a sense of danger and for building suspense. Overall, MacDuffie’s performance is just right for this fast-paced mystery.”

MOUNTING FEARS by Stuart Woods, Penguin Audio
“Woods veteran Carrington MacDuffie once again proves to be the perfect choice to perform the novel. MacDuffie is as unflappable as the president she portrays. Dropping her voice ever so slightly, she is entirely believable in her male roles. She portrays President Lee as one cool customer as he juggles a terrorist takeover of a Pakistani nuclear facility and the return of a deranged serial killer.”

EVERYTHING IS FINE by Ann Dee Ellis, Random House Audio
“Carrington MacDuffie makes us believe in the resilience and toughness of Mazzy as we see her fend off the social worker who is investigating reports about her home. MacDuffie also shows us Mazzy’s tender, anxious side as the teenager worries about running a home in which her mother spends the day in bed in a fetal position while her father’s off finding fame as a sportscaster. In MacDuffie’s snappy comebacks we enjoy Mazzy’s vibrancy; in her bouts of enthusiasm we see the child Mazzy once was. MacDuffie’s lyrical delivery allows listeners to hear the book’s free verse format.”

A WRONGFUL DEATH by Kate Wilhelm, Blackstone Audio
Winner of Audiofile Earphones Award
“Carrington MacDuffie turns in a splendid performance as Holloway and the missing woman and child, Elizabeth and Jason Kurtz, who are on the run from a vicious family cabal. MacDuffie’s male characters are exceptional, particularly Holloway’s charming father, Frank. Her rich, cultured voice makes secondary characters multidimensional, and, when called for, her accents are precise and never overdone. Carrington MacDuffie’s finesse makes this an audiobook not to be missed.”

ONCE UPON A MARIGOLD by Jean Ferris, Listen & Live Audio
“Carrington MacDuffie’s perfect once-upon-a-time voice fits this fairy-tale love story and adventure. Her narration acknowledges that this is a story escaping its genre boundaries as she captures the humor and satire in the written words. Both book and performance succeed because of the story’s unique characterizations. Christian lives in the forest with Ed, his stepfather, a troll who can’t get clich̩s quite right. Carrington gives Ed a rumbly voice. When Christian falls in love with Princess Marigold, Carrington plays up the drama with pacing and strong characterizations. The pacing increases as Christian discovers dastardly plots by Queen Olympia, Marigold’s mother, whom MacDuffie portrays with a piercing timbre and chilling tones. Overall, though, MacDuffie sustains listeners with a calming narration that promises a happily-ever-after ending.”

EVERY MOTHER IS A DAUGHTER by Perri & Sheila Solomon Klass, Blackstone
Winner of Audiofile Earphones Award
“Anna Fields and Carrington MacDuffie capture the rapport, love, frustrations, and gentle teasing between mother and daughter as they read this memoir by Perri Klass and her mother, Sheila Solomon Klass. Fields and MacDuffie are the perfect combination to highlight this style. The outstanding performance by the two women brings this well-written account of a unique family vividly to life.”

IRON ORCHID by Stuart Woods
“Carrington MacDuffie continues to demonstrate why she is one of the finest audiobook readers. MacDuffie’s reading is thoroughly entertaining. She uses nuance and an impeccable sense of timing to portray Barker as tough, but also as sexy, humorous, warm, and compassionate.”

MUST LOVE DOGS by Claire Cook, Blackstone Audio
Winner of the AudioFile Earphones Award
“Carrington MacDuffie is an ideal reader, who has a superb sense of timing that will make most listeners laugh. At times, MacDuffie delivers the story with a straight face while at others she simply shares the audience’s amusement at the novel’s seemingly unending chain of hysterical events and characters.”

TRANSGRESSIONS ed. by Ed McBain, Audio Renaissance
“MacDuffie does a superb, well-rounded job at recreating a nineteenth century South Carolina community of men and women with distinctive ‘gullah’ accents whose lives revolve around death and healing.”
 Publishers Weekly

FLORENCE OF ARABIA by Christopher Buckley, Books on Tape
Winner of the Audiofile Earphones Award
“Carrington MacDuffie reads with verve, yet somehow never loses sight of the book’s tongue-in-cheek examination of Middle East politics and Islamic society’s treatment of women. MacDuffie’s performance makes Florence a nonstop pleasure.”

“Carrington MacDuffie reads with sensitive grace, revealing the awakening heart of an impressive woman. MacDuffie’s clarity reveals more than the story of a dynamic rock-and-roll celebrity; her unfussy reading echoes the tone of Santana’s personal discoveries.”

JUST ONE LOOK by Harlan Coben
“Narrator Carrington MacDuffie keeps the pacing sharp. Her accents are true, her vocal control impressive. As Grace realizes her marriage has been built on lies, MacDuffie’s tone grows appropriately paranoid. Her characterization of Eric Wu, a reptilian hit man with martial art expertise, is chilling. The combination of Harlan Coben’s intricate plotting and crisp, understated writing and Carrington MacDuffie’s smart, lively performance guarantees listeners that no nail will be left unbitten.”

HOTEL RIVIERA by Elizabeth Adler, BBC Audiobooks America
Audie Finalist 2005
“MacDuffie’s reading is amazing, with a wide variety of authentic accents: an upper-class English woman, a western American voice, a sultry Russian woman. The French accents are romantic are charming.”

TEMPTATION by Jude Deveraux
“Carrington MacDuffie has an unerring ability to switch between the most authentic of American and Scottish accents, handling age and gender well to boot. Her dialects reflect differences in education and social standing, and her narration always captures the necessary emotional tone. Quite a treat”
 Library Journal

THE COLOR OF DEATH by Elizabeth Lowell
“Luckily, MacDuffie makes the trite sound true, and she has an impressive vocal range. She is believably masculine, throatily gruff as needed. Her women never simper unless they’re supposed to.”

THE DEFIANT HERO by Suzanne Brockman
“Carrington MacDuffie maintains a pace that makes the dramatic subplots, which drive the story, totally believable. MacDuffie’s presentation of Meg’s 75-year-old grandmother telling Meg’s 10-year-old daughter the story of her participation in the 1940 evacuation of American soldiers during the Battle of Dunkirk is riveting.”

LETHAL SEDUCTION by Jackie Collins, BBC Audiobooks America
“Carrington MacDuffie’s lively narration is the highlight of this production.”
 Library Journal

“Carrington MacDuffie’s reading fits the author’s voice: earnest, affectionate, and real.”

2013 Audie Finalists (Best Audio Drama, Best Original Work)
TITANIUM RAIN by Josh Finney & Kat Rocha, AudioComics Company
2009 Audie Finalists (Best Original Work, Distinguished Achievement in Production)
MANY THINGS INVISIBLE by Carrington MacDuffie, Blackstone Audio

2009 Audie Finalist (Best Nonfiction)
BLACK WAVE by John & Jean Silverwood, Blackstone Audio

2008 Audie Finalist 
(Best Fiction)
THE FRIDAY NIGHT KNITTING CLUB by Kate Jacobs, Blackstone Audio

2006 Audie Finalist 
(Science Fiction)
SHADOW OF THE GIANT by Orson Scott Card, Audio Renaissance

2005 Audie Finalist 
(Best Romance)
INVITATION TO PROVENCE by Elizabeth Adler, BBC Audiobooks America

AudioFile Earphones Awards for:

CYCLE OF LIES: The Fall of Lance Armstrong by Juliet Macur
Blackstone Audio, 2014
TITANIUM RAIN by Josh Finney & Kat Rocha
AudioComics Company, 2013
THE PARIS WIFE by Paula McClain
Random House Audio, 2012
A WRONGFUL DEATH by Kate Wilhelm
Blackstone Audio, 2008
Sheila Solomon Klass, 2007
MUST LOVE DOGS by Claire Cook
Blackstone Audio, 2006
CHOICE CUTS by Mark Kurlansky
Recorded Books, 2005
THE NAKED TRUTH by Margaret Heffernan
Penton Audio, 2005
FLORENCE OF ARABIA by Christopher Buckley
Books On Tape, 2004